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HR The Messenger – Soul Therapy

In the healthy lineup of Hip Hop artists coming out of Kenya right now, HR The Messanger belongs in the essential shortlist. Usually on mellow boom-bap beats, swanky grooves and throbbing bass, HR The Messenger lays his raps in slow-paced deliveries, sometimes with menacing vocals.

While realistic lyricism carries a hefty gravity, especially in rap, HR The Messenger has not dumbed his art, something he reminds people of.

Nikidedi leo and you read (it) in a blog

Make sure wamesema I’m the realest with my art

Make sure ngoma zangu touching kids in their hearts

Make sure that my bro wako fiti doing good

Make sure my legacy is never misunderstood

Soul Therapy

Swirling with the anxiety of his legacy, influence on the kids, and care for the bros, the lines are introspective. These might be some of the most focused lyrics on the track. While rappers are always in pursuit of being factual and unbelievable all at once, HR manages to stay the line. He immortalizes himself by humanizing a rap persona – making it very real. In streaming his consciousness of freestyling with his friends, dinner dates with his girlfriend, pushing weed, HR The Messenger mulls over several aspects of his personal life.

High Renaissance isn’t a sugar coater

A line that exemplifies the holistic belief in Soul Therapy comes at minute 1:09

Let my soul bleed,

On the beat hii ni therapy

Vision on 20/20 I’m trying to be a better me

Soul Therapy

If you listen to the laidback beat, you might be mistaken and reminisce of simpler times in your life. However, once you consider some of the recurring themes, you realize sentimentalism is not in his mind. High Renaissance isn’t a sugar coater, some of the words he raps on Soul Therapy have a sinister undertone.

One eye closed na ingine kwa scope joh na me si pirate

Ni vile joh naskianga nilipue Uhunye na bunde

Plow, ni who next?

Bullet for everyone hapa talking dogshit

Soul Therapy

The contemplative poise in telling the stories makes Soul Therapy woke by the standards of our time-conscious rap. It is the shorthand of Kenyancentric Hip Hop that aims to raise self and political awareness.


DJ Fita is a Kenyan DJ, music producer and music journalist. He is the founder of Sound Safari.

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