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Wangechi shares music video for “Sana Sana”

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In November 2018, Wangechi shared “Sana Sana” as part of her #SoundcloudSundays series. The track features Scar Mkadinali and was produced by multitalented B3NZ.ON.1T.

Shot by Mike Lolly P, the video is said to have cost to the excess of Ksh 200,000. When the video was released, Sana Sana shot up to the number one spot on #TheJumpOffHBR charts. It toppled heavyweights Khaligraph Jones and veteran rapper Abbas Doobiez.


Writing on instagram, Wangechi announced that she would be releasing a track every sunday for a month. She noted that this project had been easy to work on as she did not have to worry about producing a hit song. Produciton for the #SoundCloudSundays series was handled by Benz.On.IT and Zenchkiid.


During an interview with, Scar spoke more about his desire to work with Wangechi. Constantly sending his music to Wangechi, Scar decided to rap about it on the Khaligraph Jones Cypher in 2016. This increased the push for a collaboration between the two artists as fans too started demanding. At first, Wangechi did not give it much thought as she did not know Scar but once she got to understand the lyrics better, she reached out.

“Ambia Wangechi kuna venye naeza taka kumjua” – Scar, Khaligraph Jones Cypher, 2016.

Scar is part of rapping duo Wakadinali together with Domani Munga. They linked around 2003/5 and started rapping as friends. Together they have released several singles and 2 mixtapes, Ndani ya Cockpit 1 & 2.


Last updated 12-03-2019: More information regarding the collaboration




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