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Sundays usually end up in a sombre mood as the realization of the weekend ending hits home. It might be that we didn’t find a fun and fulfilling way to spend it. Or like in most cases, we just don’t know when events that might interest us are happening. Now that parties are shut down because of the Coronavirus pandemic, boredom has increased tenfold. That could change considerably with Turn App, a platform that opens the doors of possibilities and happenings. It is not only good for the raver but for the content creator as well – it is a full entertainment package.

OneDown (right) representing Turn App Crew
OneDown representing Turn App Crew

Turn App

Turn App helps people create, promote, and host their events. This is an event planning platform that proclaims itself as a place to discover experiences. Fans can also create accounts and follow their favourite content creators as well as tip them – from as little as Ksh. 10 – using services like Mpesa, FlutterWave, Mastercard and Visa.

Founded in 2016 by Harry Odhiambo and Ted Okoth, their mission at the time was to help college students find parties happening near them. From Nairobi to Lagos, Cairo to Maputo, they have so far partnered with hundreds of events in the region to provide marketing and ticketing services. Their client list includes Kilifi New Year Festival, Blankets & Wines, Afro Social, and Aduma to mention a few.

Turn App Head of BusiTurn App Head of Business, Ted Okoth at Start Up Istanbul 2017 nees, Ted Okoth at Start Up Istanbul 2017
Turn App Head of Business, Ted Okoth at Start Up Istanbul 2017

With the global trend at the moment being ownership in the creative arts, Turn App has not been left behind. So far, they have organized events like Oktoberfest Diani, Freaky Friday Poolparty as well as partnering with hotels like Ole Sereni, Panafric Hotel among others.

Creator Mindful

With events and venues shut down, Turn App has shifted its focus on hosting DJ live streams, giving artists a global reach. The creator-minded approach to their business has seen Turn App enjoy rapid success. Consequently, it has become one of the most decorated apps around.

Screenshot of a Creator Profile on Turn App
Screenshot of a Creator Profile on Turn App


  1. Anyone can use the app to organize events.
  2. It is a good platform where content creators can get paid directly using multiple payment services.
  3. The discovery on the platform is great as you can discover events across 10+ cities.
  4. You can stream live events.


  1. Currently only available on Android.

You can contact Turn App on: Business (at) turnapp (dot) net



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  1. Thanks A lot guys. Much appreciated πŸ˜„

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    Thanks Turn App for all the amazing parties & Events, Your support for Creators will go a long way!!

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    Best app creating a niche in the entertainment world.

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