The best Kenyan alternative songs right now

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Today’s list of popping alternative songs in Kenya includes Squadbear, Mura KE, Blinky Bill, and many more.


SquadBear, “Gummy Bears” ft. Marko K & Tsu


We are pleased to welcome officially Squadbear to the Sound Safari Family!

Squadbear has collaborated with DJ/Producer Tsu and Marko K. to bring Kawaii Bass track ‘Gummy Bears’ to life. The track interpolates an earlier release by us, ‘Cake Sounds Nice’ by Yoki Hars which was released in June 2018.

Squadbear is a project by Arnold Obiero, a member of electronic band Yoki Hars. Arnold released a remix to one of our tracks, ‘Sky Clouds’ a year ago.


Mura K.E, “BABA”


Mura K.E share’s his faith through his new single ‘BABA’. While Mura has categorized his new experimental sounds as Trap Safari, BABA is perfect retrofuturism combining spritual undertones with edgy electronica.


                 Saronde, “Kilamu” ft. Blinky Bill & Idd Aziz


Blinky Bill & Idd Aziz look outwards in their music, crafting their own path as top notch creators. They teamed up with UK artist Saronde for this Mijikenda afro-fusion track.


 Karun, “Glow Up”


Press play and watch your stress float away. ‘Glow Up’ celebrates queer love.


Nikita, “Tragedy”


The most powerful vocals you’ll hear today from a 17 year old. Nikita’s tragedy is a James Bond tracksound.




My name is Aasir, meaning one with a captivating and fascinating personality. I am the official Sound Safari Mascot.

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