Start the music, politics don’t matter

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About 5 years ago, my friend Hezzy and I decided to start a blog about electronic music culture. It was the initial years and it has morphed into various groups and individuals. Each doing outstanding work and creating their own lanes.

The politics don’t matter

You have to understand that 5 years ago there weren’t as many House music producers/DJs in Nairobi as there are now. There’s a running joke that if you throw a stone in Nairobi you’ll hit a DJ. Down the rabbit hole, we have discovered so many artists that at one point it overwhelmed our two-man army. Seriously, our submission box is full of music, some exceptionally good and quite a number of them completely horrible. Compared to back then, there are more House gigs happening around Nairobi and elsewhere. Salute to the pioneers doing their thing in the outliers.

What I’m driving at is that at the center of it all is the music.

In that span of time, we’ve major wins like Black Coffee playing Abiro at Tomorrowland, Major Lazer coming to Kenya twice (some might argue 3 times), DJ  Coco-Em building an international reputation and setting records at the same time, and so many success stories that they’ll need their individual stories. This has come with some friction, as is life, but we will ignore that for now.

What I’m driving at is that at the centre of it all is the music. It is the fact that you create something special that people want. The politics don’t matter.

Support the culture

The more music and other creative interests are pursued the bigger the pool from which we select becomes. It is for everyone who purports to support the music to actively support the scene by attending events, listening to music, buying music as well as introducing more people to the culture. On the other hand, the responsibility of the artist is to create music of the highest quality to the best of their ability and provide captivating performances in their shows. So please, start the music.



DJ Fita is a Kenyan DJ, music producer and music journalist. He is the founder of Sound Safari.

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  1. You are a great EDM DJ, DJ Fita. You have inspired many and you create original sounds. Keep up

  2. David Dianga says:

    maaahn i just love the growth of electronic music in the 254…and thanks much bringing all ravers together

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