Nene K: An Essay on an Artist Piercing It Together

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Nene K is building a discography that is morphing into therapy sessions – housing ambition, secrets, private thoughts, and whatever else is on his mind. His dichotomies; success, family, love, dreams, and failure are expressed on carefully curated beats that come out purposefully. He is growing into confessional rap, laying bare his soul on 3-minute instrumentals. Sometimes, the verses sound more for himself than for the audience yet the sincerity remains with the listener.

Our doubts are traitors,

And make us lose the good we oft might win

by fearing to attempt

William Shakespeare

There are moments of frustration and self-doubt in much of his music – craving validation. However, it rarely lasts and self-belief accelerates. “Life is what you make it they say,” he sings cracking, with a heartfelt performance on Love And Addiction. On the other hand, maybe misfortune is needed to bring out the best in us. A great poet, Nene K conveys raw emotion that speaks state of his mind in Hip Hop. His music captures the spirit of dream chasing, pensive of tasting elusive success and buying a Benz.

Inside his vacillating mind, Nene K projects his duality, resolute spirit and the pressures of a twenty-four-year-old. His formula is either doubling down or going all in. “Devil wanna take my soul and I don’t condone it”, he starts over the glissando. The music presents a canon of introspection and contrasts like a wave succession crushing on the same beach. The post-song speeches in Tressis Trilogy reinforce this idea. However, some moments feel borrowed but largely the music remains captivating. Altogether, the serious topics are addressed without sounding didactic. Nene K’s music is escaping and whirling in self-consciousness, evidence of an artist piercing it together.

Image: Nene K


DJ Fita is a Kenyan DJ, music producer and music journalist. He is the founder of Sound Safari.

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