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Bengatronics Seeks to Raise Ksh 100,000 With Lockdown Love Project

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Bengatronics Sound & System have launched the Lockdown Love Project to fight the Coronavirus pandemic. It is common knowledge that all sectors are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The entertainment scene is and will be particularly under pressure. Exhibitions and performances have been cancelled, gigs have been postponed and venues have closed their doors.

The collective seeks to raise Ksh. 100,000 ($1,000). Funds raised will help in running a home-to-home collaboration project for two months.

Lockdown Love Project

As a result of this health pandemic, Bengatronics have found themselves locked in their studio. Their studio has been home to in-house resident artists in addition to other musicians. Just last month, they launched “Select At The Rooftop” – an intimate music experience to showcase homegrown talent.

Akafellaz Performing at Select At The Rooftop
Akafellaz Performing at Select At The Rooftop

The collective seeks to raise Ksh. 100,000 ($1,000). Funds raised will help in running a home-to-home collaboration project for two months. Even though Bengatronics can’t invite us to their studio, they have opted for virtual collaborations with other studios. As of Sunday 29 April 2020, 19 backers have already pledged Ksh. 44,200. They are running the campaign on Thundafund, an African based platform that integrates payment solutions like Mpesa, Paypal and other major cards.

Furthermore, you can support Bengatronics by buying their merchandise here.

Homegrown Record Label

Bengatronics Sound & System is the latest addition to the array of homegrown record labels in East Africa today. Blending irresistible Benga rhythms with global influences of electronica, rhumba, jazz and hip hop – the label is open to brewing diverse flavours of Benga Music. They aim to elevate Benga music to international recognition and popularity it enjoyed in the recent past.

Bengatronics Sound & System started in 2014 in a town known as Chai Moto, Machakos County. Mwalimu Gregg Tendwa met Benga artist John Kithikii who was from selling CDs of his latest release. Shortly after this meeting, they performed together at a sports and music festival in Kithika Kai. Here, Mwalimu introduced the young Kithikii to the concept of making music with a DJ.

A series of trials led to a groove, consequently culminating in the “Tuongee Wakenya” album. You can purchase the album here.

This article was first posted under the title “Support Bengatronics With Their Lockdown Love Project” on 10 April 2020.



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