LionAfriq to air EDM mixes 24/7 in July

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Internet radio LionAfriq will be airing non-stop EDM DJ mixes the entirety of July.

It’s the 1st day of the month and we’re here to deliver some really good news! LionAfriq is on a quest to make all House heads happy with the Mixology Playlist. The playlist is a compilation of live sessions, submissions from individual invites and selected mainstream mixes.

In our own little way, we’re just making the world a little more musical.

On air since 2016, LionafriQ Radio has made its mark by broadcasting electronic music consistently since inception. Taking the DIY approach, they have taken it upon themselves to highlight Kenyan EDM artists, DJs and producers. Music submission is possible through their official website. They provide various streaming channels including an android app as well as listing in global directories such as TuneIn.



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