Effects of Covid-19 on Kenyan Music

Effects of Covid-19 on Kenyan Music

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On 12 March 2020, the Kenyan government confirmed the first case of the Coronavirus pandemic. The government responded by banning all public gatherings. On 14 March 2020, the county government of Mombasa responded by closing all nightclubs for the next 30 days. A day later, the Kenyan president confirmed two new cases and proceeded to halt all learning activities across all institutions among other control measures.

Effects of Covid-19 on Kenyan Music
Flyer: Effects of Coronavirus on Kenyan Music

As more cases are been discovered, we expect more events shutting down. Through this Google Form, we are researching the effects of Coronavirus on the Kenyan entertainment industry. Please help us by providing truthful and accurate info on the survey below, thank you.

Fill in the form by clicking on this link https://forms.gle/RDoZPjUU4RWkoSPK9



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