DJ Mura shares first track off Trap Safari EP

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African Kid, DJ Mura shared the visuals for his first track off his upcoming EP, Trap Safari.

Featuring Kuiyu, ‘Shauri Yako’ is a perfect blend of New Skul Benga, House & Sassy Soul with Swahili which complements the Nairobi based Legendary Congolese Singer Nguashi N’timbo. It is, after all, Nguashi who first popularized the term ‘Shauri Yako’ in his 1983 smash hit by the same name.

‘Shauri Yako’ anchors the listener into the trauma of a love gone sour as Kuiyu pens of his new found freedom. Accompanying the narrative to the beat with impeccable production skill and finesse, Mura complements every note with energetic elements.

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Debut EP

‘Shauri Yako’ is the first single off Mura’s upcoming debut E.P dubbed “Trap Safari”.  If ‘Shauri Yako’ is anything to go by, the EP will be a sound thrill journey detouring into benga, pop, trap, house among other musical genres. It also doubles up as the first coming together collaboration for both artists under Bengatronics.

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Bengatronics is an artist collective seeking to accelerate the socio-economic potential of cultural and creative products. ‘Shauri Yako’ is destined to be an urban Kenyan Classic as it features a beautiful coming together of fond familiarity, urban edge and catchy phrased melodies.

Credit: Artist

Mura K.E is a professional D.J. and a Music producer based in Nairobi, Kenya. He has worked with international Deejays and artists from Africa, U.K and the Caribbean. A 2017 AFRIMA awards nominee for Best Male Eastern Africa (regional) & Best Artist African Electro (continental).

Kuiyu is a soulful singer, songwriter also based in Nairobi, Kenya. He pens his songs for ‘the boy without a voice’. He has toured the Americas as a performing artist and is renowned for his debut album; Kionjo. He is currently working on his Sophomore E.P dubbed ‘Flower Boy’.


DJ Fita is a Kenyan DJ, music producer and music journalist. He is the founder of Sound Safari.

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