Miss Magero

Listen: Miss Magero – Oh Na Na Na

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Listen to what browsing the #PlayKEMusic hashtag on twitter got us. The beautiful voice of Miss Magero over sublime dancehall beat.

Elizabeth Magero is a Reggae/Ragga, contemporary, urban singer/songwriter based in Nairobi. Although she has been singing professionally since 2016, “Oh na na na” is her first release .

This track was produced by Lematross, who together with Producer Jay, are working with Miss Magero on her upcoming album.

Angie Wira reminisces campus vibes of “exiling” roommates

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Rada ni safi babe kamu hivi
Lenga hio daro kam saa hizi
Opportunity Utachizi
Raundi hii si bahatishi

As I was going through my Instagram feed, I came across a snippet of a sweet reggae tune and I liked it and sought to hear the full song. Wira sings of an experience which most of us have been in. A blossoming campus love but the hostel rooms are shared, so someone has to be exiled.

This is Angie Wira’s second track of her debut EP after releasing “Vitisho” featuring Manio. It is a track that’s based on a flashback that illustrates “exiling” a roommate in campus, in a bid to enjoy some private time with a new lover.

ira is a singer, song writer, performer and a young entrepreneur.