Mused Kevin, the EchoE that keeps bouncing back

Mused Kevin, the EchoE that keeps bouncing back

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2010/15 was the peak of EDM in Kenya. We had some amazing festivals which made us believe that we were going to Tomorrowland after secondary school. High schoolers were transitioning from Dancehall to electronic dance music in droves. After all, EDM festivals had the best aftermovies and that was enough to sell the dream. It was also during this time that we started EDM Kenya, a blog dedicated to documenting what was going on in Kenya.

I was also starting out as DJ too and this is when I met EchoE, a laid back individual who turned into a beast once behind the decks. While most of us were on the Progressive House train, EchoE and Basthma were onto Bass music before it became cool. Come 2016, EchoE fell off the radar.

EchoE live in action

Late 2017, Nelson (a member of Yoki Hars) together with Beats Per Minute Entertainment held a private party where we reconnected with old friends. Naturally, EchoE came up in the conversation as one of those great DJs who started the same time as us. I noted that there were a couple of anonymous DJs who had similar vibes to his. Nick Maruti, another great DJ, confirmed my suspicion that anonymous DJ, Mused Kevin was indeed EchoE. Imagine the mind fuck when I learnt that 4046, another talented mysterious DJ, was also a project by him! EchoE never disappeared, he was playing different characters simultaneously while maintaining the core ideas of what made EchoE echo.

The Goodship is a space ship deep in space with its base in Nairobi. Its mission is to explore sounds/beats and rhythms from Africa and beem them to the galaxy. Music is a gift from God.”

EchoE Trapped In Nairobi

EchoE made his debut in 2014 with a mixtape series called “Trapped In Nairobi”.With bouncy bass heavy tracks with trippy melodies, he created a buzz around his style. Eventually, he ended up getting a show at What’s Good Live Networks, an online urban lifestyle channel for what’s Good in contemporary street culture.

In 2015, EchoE became runner’s up in a DJ competition held at The Alchemist Bar, hosted by Bad Mambo Productions. This earned him a spot in the debut event of Nairobi’s Underground Bass Movement. The movement has grown from the backyard of The Alchemist and is now Club Muze, one of the hottest joints for anyone looking for electronic music events.

[Watch: DJ Mura ft.Kuiyu – Shauri Yako]

Seasoned Player

In his various characters, EchoE has been billed in various events including Color Festival, which had over 6,000 attendees. He has also played in the masquerade parties organized by Domino Revolution at Delamare Naivasha. A man on a mission to take bass music beyond Nairobi, the seasoned player has gone as far as Eldoret to play at The Tribe – a 3-day multicultural haven where House music meets the outdoors to provide a surreal and unforgettable experience.

Currently, EchoE is working on the GoodShip Podcast. Speaking to Sound Safari, he explained that the Goodship is “a space ship deep in space with its base in Nairobi. Its mission is to Explore Sounds/beats and rhythms from Africa to the galaxy. Music is a gift from God.” He has also been working on his own music, releasing his debut track a month ago.

I am excited to introduce to you an old friend of mine. Enjoy this Sound Safari Exclusive mix by EchoE, Mused Kevin, 4046, or whichever impressive character he will be playing next!


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