Granduer makes Sound Safari debut with ‘The Machines’

Granduer - The Machines

Granduer makes Sound Safari debut with ‘The Machines’

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Granduer is making his debut on Sound Safari with smashing single, ‘The Machines’.

We are nearly out of the political and monetary era and we’re just about to enter into our real-time to shine as a species. The Science and machine automation era. While standing in the boundary, you see right before and right after the era changeover. They both look broken from the boundary.

‘The Machines’ samples the legendary speech by the character Morpheus in the 1999 classic movie The Matrix, right after the announcement of Matrix 4.

DJ Granduer is a Kenyan EDM producer whose music career started in 2014. His eclectic style has been revealed in several releases featuring original tracks & remixes. The producer has refused not limited himself to a single genre and has experimented with Progressive House, Electro House, Moombahton, Festival trap to Afro & Tech House.

Granduer is currently working on his several tracks with plans of releasing an EP early next year. The EP will focus on Afro House and several tracks have been completed. Jointly, he is working with other artists including DJ Fita and music trio L3GS on other projects.

Listen to Grandeur’s first EP here. Follow him on Instagram @granduerofficial_

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