fkaMoses is part of the Black Renaissance [INTERVIEW]

fkaMoses is part of the Black Renaissance [INTERVIEW]

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We are in the middle of a Black Renaissance in arts and culture across the globe. Black people have been at the forefront of most popular genres that are dominating right now and their off-shoots. In the past few years, we have been usurping traditions by creating what is now termed as Afrofuturism. We are witnessing a resurgence of black art, black culture and black power.

The internet has created the biggest deluge of new artists in pop history. The free flow of information has removed the need of gatekeepers and in turn, the DIY culture is thriving. Innovating blurry sounds that cut across genres has reconfigured the music landscape. We caught up with Johannesburg’s budding artist fkaMoses for a quick chat.

Sound Safari: For someone who has just heard of your music today, who is fkaMoses?

fkaMoses: My name is Moses Mawela a.k.a fkaMoses (stands for Formally Known As Moses) from Johannesburg, South Africa. My first ”aha” moment happened when I was in high school when I saw a friend of mine playing around with a DAW and I quickly developed interest because I was always a lover of music. I am now a full-time music producer, sound engineer, and DJ. I enjoy making remixes of other songs because it gives me a chance to make my own version of what we call a ”hit song”.

Why music production instead of other fields of music like rapping, dancing etc?

I would always wonder how producers make certain sounds and always wished to create my own set of sounds and make MUSIC. After Highschool, I decided to go to music school and polish my skills as a producer and also learn so that I can be a better engineer.

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Do you ascribe to a specific genre or anything goes?

I started making House music at first because most of my friends at that time were heavy House music fans and this influenced my production. As times went by, I started to have an interest in making other genres besides House so I started making Hip-hop beats. That’s when I ran into new people in tune with other types of music. I started to work with talented artists like Verbal Dweeb, KHENLONGLEE and other artists from my area.

Your sound is very diverse but has a common vibe to it. Who are some of your influences?

My biggest influencers as a music producer would be MAJOR LAZER, KAYTRANADA, Zikomo, Timberland, Dr Dre, FKJ. The list goes on because I am that guy that listens to everything.

What does the future hold for the artist formerly known as Moses?

I am what you call ”Jack Of All Trades”. As time goes, I find it easier when tackling new sounds that hit my ear and its always an exciting challenge. Even though I am known as a Hip-hop producer, I will be dropping more Afro-pop music because its the sound I’m digging at the moment. I would really love to tour AFRICA then the world and let them hear the new modern sounds we created.

Follow fkaMoses Online on Instagram and Twitter @fka_Moses. You can also purchase his beats on 

This interview has been condensed for publishing purposes

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